December 16, 2015


Casa BRUTUS 1月号は温泉特集

Casa BRUTUS 1月号は、日本の温泉特集(vol.190 1月号)。デザイン、風景、おもてなし、もちろん温泉飯といったカテゴリーで100軒を選りすぐっています。


温泉宿をつくるとしたらどんなイメージ?と武井さんに投げたら、答えはシンプルでとても強烈 (つづきはどうぞ書店で



The new edition of Casa BRUTUS is all about Japan’s best hot springs : 100 inns grouped and reviewed by design, landscape, hospitality and cuisine (vol. 109 January 2016).

The text is entirely Japanese, but the photos are fantastic, and most of the inns have their web sites listed so you can dig deeper and reserve your own room with geothermal waters warm enough to soothe the stiffest soul.

IMG_0049.jpg IMG_0050.jpg IMG_0052.jpg

casa mia ……..